July 3, 2022- Sunday Morning Service

Just For Show- Pastor Jeff Messer

Why would we pretend to be something that we're not in front of an all knowing God? In Mark 12 we find a passage where Jesus warns His followers about hypocrisy and religiuos piety.

  Text: Mark 12:38-40


June 30, 2022- Wednesday Bible Study

Pastor Jeff Messer

June 26, 2022- Sunday Morning Service

Who Is Jesus?- Pastor Jeff Messer

June 22, 2022- Wednesday Bible Study

Pastor Jeff Messer

June 19, 2022- Sunday Morning Service

I Brought You My Son!- Pastor Jeff Messer

Dads, what have you been teaching your kids? What have you been modeling for them? Pastor Jeff looks at three key ingredients in this message that a father should have that are seen in the account of the father who brought his demon possessed son to Jesus for help found in Mark 9.   Text: Mark 9:14-24

June 15, 2022- Wednesday Bible Study

Pastor Jeff Messer

June 12, 2022- Sunday Morning Service

A Profound Question- Pastor Jeff Messer

What do you think about the Messiah? And more than what you think is, what is the evidence of your life pointing to about Jesus? Pastor Jeff looks at three different  perspectives of Jesus and the testimonies they had about Jesus in this message.  Text: Mark 12:35-37

June 8, 2022- Wednesday Bible Study

Pastor Jeff Messer

June 5, 2022- Sunday Morning Service

Not Far From The Kingdom Of God- Pastor Jeff Messer

Are you in or out of the kingdom of God? In today's message we learn about a lawyer that comes to Jesus with a really good question and agrees with the answer Jesus gave him. Then Jesus tells him where he is in relationship to the kingdom of God. Listen and learn why Jesus said what He said.  Text: Mark 12:18-34

June 1, 2022- Wednesday Bible Study

Pastor Jeff Messer

May 29, 2022- Sunday Morning Service

A Time To Remember- Pastor Jeff Messer

Memorial day gives us a day to remember those who gave their lives for our freedoms. In Psalm 103 we are remeinded to not forget God's benefits. In this message Pstor Jeff gives us four things to remember about God.  Text  Psalm 103

May 26, 2022- Wednesday Bible Study

Pastor Jeff Messer

May 22, 2022- Sunday Morning Service

Good Grief (Psalm 51 part 2)- Pastor Aaron Smith

Pastor Aaron looks at three points that come out of David's grief over his sins. As David found we too can find that at the end of heartache is a clean heart and renewed spirit for those who turn to God and cry out for mercy. Text  Psalm 51

May 18, 2022- Wednesday Bible Study

Psalm 50- Pastor Aaron Smith



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